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Look out Summer, here we come!  Announcing our first  summer camp program!

4 weeks of camp are available for children ages 3-5.

Monday - Friday 
9:00AM - 12:00PM 

Cost is $195 per week
Children must be potty trained


Check out the weeks we have in store for fun for your little one ages 3-5 this summer. Come join us and please tell a friend to come too!  
Camp runs from 9:00-12:00 Snack is included.

Week 1:  Down by the Ocean

July 10-14

Our little school of fish will enjoy some fun learning all about cool ocean creatures, "ride" waves and build sand castles.  

Week 2: Let's Go! 

July 17-21

We will enjoy Transportation and all things that go.  We will be driving, flying and sailing all around the world with our summer friends!

Week 3:  Down at the Farm

August 7 - 11

We will have fun growing things to eat and learning all about farm animals and what happens on the farm this week.

Week 4:  Under the Circus Tent

August 14-18

Circus theme will be fun for all as we perform and play under the tent and pretend to have our very own circus.

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