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"From the moment we walked in, we could feel that the staff were supportive to one another and genuinely enjoyed teaching the children. Learning through play and fostering enthusiasm for school at a young age is so important to us. The staff really cares and is just as eager to teach as the children are to learn."

-Ann K.

It is our first experience with having a child in school, and after being home due to Covid, we weren’t sure how our strong willed three year old son was going to adjust. PCNS has been absolutely amazing! The director and teachers are the nicest, warmest, patient humans ever. The first few days we had tears at drop off but, they have made my son feel so comfortable and safe that he loves going to school. He is excited for school! He talks about his teachers and new friends all day long. He is proud to show us all the new things he is learning and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We are so fortunate that we chose PCNS!!

- J.D. & Family

"PCNS Morristown is hands down the best pre-school.  The teachers are loving and caring and hold a lot of credentials and are big hearted.  From the day I registered my son for class, both the class teachers sent me a long e-mail...That was just the beginning of weekly email correspondence I get from them.  Each week, they email us exactly what they did in class (from reading, writing, Math, Science to yoga and baking)...with pictures of the kids doing their daily activities.  The emails are so detailed, I have used some of the activities that they outlined to reinforce what my son learned in school.  Learning happens through exploration and the kids have so much fun.  When the teachers get my son from my car at drop off, he is smiling ear to ear.  He loves going to school.  I was also particularly impressed on how they clean their tables and chairs before snacks and lunch.  I was there to celebrate my son's birthday and the staff was exceptional to the kids.  Thank you PCNS Morristown for making my son's first school experience magnificent!

-Ann D.

"I couldn't be happier with the preschool experience my two children have had at PCNS. When I had preschool in mind this school is exactly what I envisioned and hoped for. I knew instantly from our first tour that this was the school for us. The school has provided an environment where learning is fun and my kids were always excited to go to school."

-Shar F.

"Some days it was a struggle for our little boy to get out of the car in the morning, but had a wonderful year thanks to everything PCNS did all year to help acclimate him. It was his first school and real social experience and he enjoyed it. We will miss PCNS. It’s a really special place."

-Katie C

"The school is a warm, safe, nurturing place that makes a child's first experience with school nothing but positive. It's a school that keeps the wonderful parts of childhood alive and helps teach your children to be kind, thoughtful, curious young people."

-Katy F.

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