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Back-To-School Documents

Parent Handbook

*Allergy Form  - this form must be filled out if your child has a food allergy. Allergy students must have current medications (i.e. Epi Pen and /or Benadryl) submitted in original box with child's name clearly labeled.  

Policy Documents

Please review these documents and provide proof of receipt by filling out the Proof of Receipt Form. The form can be found at the bottom of this page and in the Back to School Packet mailing.

  1. Information to Parents Document

  2. Policy on the Release of Children

  3. Positive Guidance and Discipline Policy

  4. Expulsion Policy

  5. Policy on Communicable Disease Management

  6. Communicable Disease Chart

  7. Policy on Parental Notification Methods

Back To School and Summer Camp Packet Documents

Parents will receive an email or Brightwheel message with links to these documents at or around July 1 every summer.  Forms must be either submitted online with electronic signature or printed, signed and returned to school.

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